Automotive Display (CID / Cluster / HUD / RSE / Navi.)
The intelligent future vehicle is a combination of electronic semiconductor technologies.


Driver-IC is also applied in Automotive Display. Recently an adoption rate of OLED for Automotive display is increasting.

Driver IC for Automotive Display uses the form factor of COF(Chip-On-Film) or COG(Chip-On-Glass). SD(Source Driver) IC receives Data and control signals from Timing Controller through Intra-Panel-Interface, converts those data to analog signals and deliver those signals to LCD/OLED Panel.

  • OLED Driver IC has high accuracy Sensing circuit to compensate the panel pixel uniformity.


Since automotive display is strengthening its touch functions recently, a high level of Touch IC technology is increasingly adapted to automotive display. Silicon Works extends TDDI, which is highly advanced Touch technologies, into Automotive Display in addition to Mobile Display.

Product Line-up

COG Driver-IC
  • LCD/OLED(POLED) Driver IC: Source D-IC / Gate D-IC

  • Auto. One chip (Driver+Timing Controller+Power Management IC)

  • TDDI(Touch embedded DDI)

Main Product

OLED Driver IC
  • 963Channel / 642 Sensing / 1.8V, 9V
  • 1548Channel / 516 Sensing / 1.8V, 9V
Auto one chip
  • 6bit+2bit dither, 8bit / ~1297ch / 3.3V / 13.5V, 18V / LVDS / COG
  • 8bit / 1201ch / 1.5V / 7V / 32V / LVDS / COG