Automotive Display (CID / Cluster / HUD / RSE / Navi.)
The intelligent future vehicle is a combination of electronic semiconductor technologies.

Power Management IC

Power management IC for automotive display is AEC-Q100 qualified. With high reliability, it provides suitable voltage for source driver IC, gate driver IC, and LED BLU used in the display panels inside cars. The IC consists of step-up boost converters, a positive regulated charge pump, and a negative regulated charge pump. Built-in protection functions such as overheat prevention and overcurrent protection prevent damage to parts under abnormal conditions.

Product Line-up

Power Management IC
  • LCD/OLED(POLED) Power Management IC

Main Product

  • Asynchronous boost converter
  • Positive regulated charge pump
  • Negative regulated charge pump
  • LED driver
  • OTP/OCP/OVP/UVLO protection