LED Lamp
The intelligent future vehicle is a combination of electronic semiconductor technologies.

Rear-side LED Lamp Driver-IC

This LED Lamp Driver-IC is an IC that drives the rear lamp of a car composed of STOP lamp, TAIL lamp, direction indicator lamp and back lamp. The external power FET of the DC-DC converter and the n-channel FET of the built-in 8-channel linear regulator can be controlled simultaneously, and the current of each channel can be driven simultaneously up to 200mA.

There are two ways to adjust the channel current. The first method is to use the programmable memory built in to set the PWM duty of the individual channels and this method can greatly reduce the development time for adjusting the target LED current since the channel current is not modified by the external circuit components. The second method is to adjust the channel current by an external current sense resistor.

The LED detects the abnormal state that the connection is open or short by channel. At this time, the IC becomes protected and the abnormal state is warned through the output pin which informs the outside of the state.

In addition, the turn-on time of the 8-channel linear regulator can be adjusted via the built-in programmable memory. Through this, the sequential lighting of the channel can be easily implemented without a separate MCU.

This IC can also be applied to the daylight running lamp (DRL), fog lamp and direction indicator lamp of the front lamp, depending on the application situation.

Interior LED Lamp Driver-IC

Interior LED Lamp Driver IC is a 1-channel linear LED driver with programmable current up to 350mA, capable of driving high-brightness LED arrays. Since the output is controlled by the enable input, PWM control can be performed using it. The built-in temperature monitor has the ability to reduce the LED drive current when the IC temperature exceeds the thermal threshold, and the temperature threshold can also be programmed via an external resistor. An external shunt resistor is used to provide heat management to dissipate the heat generated by the IC package to external resistors. In addition, there is a fade-in function that allows the channel's turn-on timing to be controlled by an external capacitor CSS connected to the SS pin.

Product Line-up

  • Rear-side/Interior LED Lamp Driver IC