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Eco-friendly Semiconductor technology for efficient energy control.

HMI Microcontroller

HMI Microcontroller is a microcontroller based on ARM 32bit Cortex-M3. It allows a rapid development by applying universal ARM based methodology.

This product incorporates Flash Memory and Analog IP, which enables system configuration at minimal BOM. And it provides additional features such as the control of various devices(Sensor/Wifi/LED/Switch/Motor) through serial communication and PWM IP support.

Product Line-up

  • HMI Microcontroller

Main Product

  • Max 32MHz Cortex-M3
  • 128KB embedded Flash / 12KB SRAM
  • 5V I/O , 64 Pin PKG
  • Internal OSC / PLL
  • 12bit ADC 10CH / 8bit DAC 1CH
  • TIMER/PWM/Serial Communication Support