Eco-friendly Semiconductor technology for efficient energy control.

Authentication IC

Authentication IC provides a highly cost-effective solution for authentication of smart phone and tablet battery pack. This device has a built-in SSHATM engine based on SHA-1 algorithm therefore it offers a robust and verified cryptographic solution. The authentication is performed by a traditional challenge and response scheme.

The IC can be operated with wide voltage range as low as 2.6V and is optimized at single cell Li-ion / Li-polymer battery pack. This device includes voltage regulation, power on reset and internal ring oscillator circuit for timing reference.

Host interface comply with MIPI BIF v1.0, which is the first comprehensive battery communication interface standard for mobile devices.

Product Line-up

  • Authentication IC

Main Product

Authentication IC
  • SSHATM engine with improved security
  • Host transmitted 64-bits challenge and 160-bits response
  • 1-Wire Interface using modified MIPI BIF v1.0
  • Increased absolute maximum ratings up to 12V for VBAT pin
  • Ultra thin DFN package (2 x 3 x 0.5mm) for slim PCM