Bulb / PAR / Tube / Down Light / Batten /
High bay / Flood Light / Street Light
Eco-friendly Semiconductor technology for efficient energy control.

LED Lighting IC

Our LED lighting Driver IC supports various applications to meet the market demands and offers PFC controlling functions with high efficiency.

AC Direct D-IC makes it possible to design power circuits simpler compared with existing SMPS which consists of complicated and bulky circuits so it is optimized solution for cost benefits effect.

Our flyback and Buck/Buck-boost D-IC offers successful solutions for high-accuracy, high-efficient LED lighting system. Dimming function is embedded on one chip such as TRIAC Dimming or PWM Dimming we can save the room on System board and BOM cost.

Product Line-up

  • AC Direct and AC Linear / Buck & Buck-boost / Flyback(PSR)

Main Product

AC Direct
  • Wide input voltage range: 90 to 264 V
  • Power: 1~10W (110Vrms), 1~20W (220Vrms), 20~40W (220Vrms)
  • No inductor / no electrolytic capacitor for long life operation
  • Minimal external components for low system cost
  • Four constant current driving channels
  • Excellent Power Factor Correction (> 0.9)
  • Automatic Power Regulation: Power±3%@Typ. Vac±20% dependent on LED array string
  • Automatic Temperature Regulation
  • PWM/ 0-10V dimming
Buck/ Buck-boost
  • Critical current mode(Self-oscillation)
  • PWM dimming
  • 3 steps selectable current reference
  • Current reference accuracy: ±2%
  • Input voltage range: 85V~ 265V
  • Primary side constant output current regulation
  • Single stage power factor correction
  • Valley switching for high efficiency
  • Constant Current Control : +/- 4% for 85V ~ 265V (+/- 3% for specific voltage range)
  • Exponential Dimming Control for Leading Edge / Trailing Edge Dimmer