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Power Management IC

Power management IC integrates various power components to provide stable and suitable voltage for T-Con, Source Driver-IC, Gate Driver-IC, LED BLU and panel cell used in display panel.

The IC integrates step-up boost converter, step-down buck converter, negative regulated charge pump, LDO, OP-AMP, level shifter and other circuits. All desired output voltage and power sequence can be programmable by I2C interface. In addition, built-in protection functions such as overheat prevention and overcurrent protection prevent damage to parts under abnormal conditions.

  • Power Management IC includes a function of LED BLU Driver-IC.

Product Line-up

Power Management IC
  • LCD/OLED(POLED) Power Management IC

Main Product

Power Management IC
  • Synchronous boost converter
  • Asynchronous boost converter
  • LDO for logic supply power
  • Buck converter
  • 2-ch negative regulated charge pump
  • Programmable VCOM amplifier
  • High voltage level shifter for 8-phase GCLK with GPM
  • 6-ch LED driver
  • I2C interface
  • OTP/OCP/OVP/SCP/UVP/UVLO protection