Notebook PC / Tablet PC
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SR-IC (Source Driver IC+ROIC)

COG(Chip-On-Glass) SR(Source Driver and Touch Readout)-IC receives digital data and control signals from T-Con, generates corresponding analog signals, and transmits them to Notebook&Tablet PC panels. Also, SR-IC detects touch action through panel, and transfer Touch data to MCU to operate touch application operation. In order to enhance touch operation, LFD(Load Free Driving) technology is applied.


A touch power IC is designed for the Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) application. It can provide optimized touch performance by removing parasitic cap component through synchronizing the voltage of Gate and VCOM with a touch modulation signal during touch function. The I2C interface allows the user to conveniently set the desired modulation voltage level.

Touch IC

Touch Controller IC is kind of system semiconductor which notices the analog signal which arises when touching the intelligence screen like Notebook or Tablet PC by finger or touch pen, converts those analog signals to digital signals. It helps to figure out the movement, and has the solution which is applicable to 10"~65" Application at the moment.

Product Line-up

AIT Solution
  • SR-IC(Source Driver IC+ROIC) /
    Touch PMIC(TPIC) / Timing Controller /
    Touch IC / MCU

Main Product

  • 6&8bit / SD-966ch / RO-686ch / EPI 2-Pair / 9V / HD-NBPC Non-DRD / Max. 1.0Gbps / Finger Touch
  • 6&8bit / SD-1026ch / RO-1080ch / EPI 2-Pair / 13.5V / HD&FHD-NBPC DRD / Max. 1.4Gbps / Finger Touch
  • 6&8bit / SD-966ch / RO-686ch / EPI 2-Pair / 13.5V / FHD-NBPC Non-DRD / Max. 1.0Gbps / Finger Touch
  • 6&8bit / SD-966ch / RO-672ch / EPI 2-Pair / 13.5V / FHD-NBPC Non-DRD / Max. 1.0Gbps / Pen Touch
  • 8bit / SD-1440ch / RO-576ch / EPI 2-Pair / 13.5V / UHD-NBPC Non-DRD / Max. 2.05Gbps / Pen Touch
  • TPIC with L/S
  • 3:1 multiplexer and buffer amplifier for VCOM modulation
  • Dual 2:1 multiplexer and buffer amplifier for Gate modulation
  • High voltage level shifter for 8-phase GCLK with GPM
  • I2C interface
  • OTP/SCP/UVLO protection