Smartphone / Smartwatch / VR, AR, MR
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Mobile DDI is SoC(System on Chip)-the three functions of Driver IC, Timing Controller and Power Management IC are integrated in one chip. It is usually adapted to smartphone but increasingly more adapted to wearable devices such as an smartwatch and VR. Recently in-cell Touch Technology are growing rapidly so Mobile DDI are being improved to TDDI(Touch embeded DDI) which support Touch functions as well, maintaining existing form of SoC. Using one chip solution and integrating touch sensor's function, TDDI allows panel slimmer and it has cost effective competitiveness compared with Add-on Touch type.

Mobile DDI will be applied not only LCD based smartphone but also OLED based smartphone for the future.

Silicon Works timely supports new technology trend and is supplying chips for OLED applications with high resolution to domestic markets and overseas market successfully. We expect to lead the market in the years ahead.

  • Application : Smartphone / Smartwatch / VR, AR, MR

Product Line-up

  • LCD/POLED Mobile DDI

  • LCD Mobile TDDI

Main Product

  • 8bit, 10bit / HD, FHD, QHD / 1.2V / 6V / 32V / MIPI / Max. 1.0Gbps / COG, COF
Smartphone OLED Mobile DDI 8bit+2bit dither / QHD+ / 1.2V / 6V, 8V / 32V / MIPI / Max. 1.0Gbps / COF
VR,AR,MR OLED Mobile DDI 1800 Channel / 1.2V, 1.8V, 3.0V, 6V, -10~+15V