MobileOLED/LCD Display Chipset

It offers display chipsets that support the latest mobile trends and a variety of product types. Flexible OLED chips and LCD Touch and Display Driver Integration(TDDI) makes it easy to implement Foldable, thin Bezel, and large screen.


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Touch Controller IC
Touch Controller IC is an IC that sense changes when touching the screen with a finger or pen, senses position/angle/sensitivity, and forwards it to the Application Processor(AP).
OLED DDI (OLED Display Driver IC)
The OLED DDI consists of a Timing Block that transmits video signals from the AP to the drive block, a Drive Block that operates the TFT, and a Compensation and Quality Improvement Block. Siliconworks’ OLED DDI resolves staining phenomena caused by TFT process and OLED deposition deviation and deterioration caused by organic material characteristics through its own compensation/definition improvement algorithm and implements a clearer screen.


TDDI (Touch and Display Driver Integration)
Touch and Display Driver Integration(TDDI) is an integrated IC that combines a Display Driver IC(DDI) that displays on-screen video signals from the AP and Touch Controller IC that detects changes when touching the screen with a finger or pen and sense position/angle/sensitivity.

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