Jeong-Do Management

LG Way

LG Way is the call to becoming a premier company; hence the essence of its strategic vision is embodied in NO.1 LG. At its foundation is the management principles of Customer-Value Creation and People-Oriented Management, which are in turn implemented according to the high ethical standards of behavior delineated by Jeong-Do Management.

  • No.1 LG
  • Jeong-Do Management
  • Customer-Value Creation

    People-Oriented Management

The ultimate goal of LG is to be recognized as the market leader in business performance as well as in management practices.
Behavioral Mode
Ethical management and code of conduct to enable capability development and fair competition.
Management Principles
Maximize satisfaction by providing the best value, develop/exercise the maximum capabilities through respect for creativity and autonomy

LG Jeong-Do management

It means LG Display's own practice pattern to improve the capability steadily and compete fairly based on the ethical management. The 'Jeong-Do' Management is not just the ethical management. The true 'Jeong-Do' Management is more than ethical management as it means creation of actual outcome based on the capacity to win the competition. Our management philosophy is realized through the practice of Jeong-Do-Management.

Ethical Management
[Principle of Action]To work transparently According to the principle and standard
Fair Treatment
[Principle of Action]To fairly provide the opportunities and fairly treat in all trades
Skill Development
Fair Competition Based on Capacity
[Principle of Action]To develop the capacity to
fairly compete and win

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