Siliconworks LOGO contains the corporate goal of becoming a representative company of system semiconductors.
Siliconworks LOGO is a combination of a symbol mark and a logo tape.

Primary Color
  • CMYK100/100/100/100
  • RGB0/0/0
  • Hex#000000
  • CMYK0/0/0/70
  • RGB107/107/107
  • Hex#6b6b6b
  • CMYK0/0/0/0
  • RGB255/255/255
  • Hex#FFFFFF
  • * The primary color is the most basic color that shows the corporate image of Siliconworks to customers.
  • * BLACK and SIW GRAY are mainly used on a bright colored background.
  • * WHITE is mainly used on a dark background.
Secondary Color

Pantone Plus 207C

  • CMYK0/100/62/22
  • RGB165/0/52
  • Hex#A50034
  • * The secondary color serves to assist the primary color and is used for slogans and elements that require emphasis.
  • * When using secondary colors, you must consult with Siliconworks brand department first.

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